Chris Rybak joins Rajun Cajun Throwdown Entertainment lineup

We’ve been working hard and gearing up for this year’s Rajun Cajun Throwdown and we’re excited to announce that Chris Rybak will be joining this year’s entertainment lineup!
Chris Rybak is the young accordion player who has been filling Texas dance hall floors with fans who enjoy his showmanship and his fresh enthusiastic musical style.  Chris’s show utilizes his talents on the accordion, along with keyboards, a trumpet and vocals.  He has been playing accordion for more than a decade performing for events such as festivals, picnics, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties.  He plays a variety of music from Czech/German polkas and waltzes, country, and gospel, to his style of toe-tapping Cajun and Tex-Mex music.
Chris will be performing with his five member accompanying band starting at 11:00 AM on Saturday, March 10, 2012. His band plays a mixture of Bluegrass, Cajun, Country, Folk, Oldies, Polka, Tex-Mex, World Music, and Zydeco. There will be something for everyone!
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