Rajun’ Cajun Throwdown Amusements

The rumors are confirmed! Lone Star Amusements will be providing a mechanical bull and a Eurobungie during the Rajun’ Cajun Throwdown event this year.  Mark your calendars to join us in the fun this year!
Our mechanic bull ride offers a way safer way to ride a bull than the real deal, this ride can give people of all ages the sensation of climbing aboard the biggest and toughest of all ranch animals.  The operator maintains the tempo and time to be age and skill level appropriate.  It also has an inflated landing area to protect you if you do fall off.  It’s all the fun without joining the rodeo. -Lone Star Amusements
Take flight and sore into the air on our 4 in 1 Quadjump also called a Power Jump, Bungy Jump or Eurobungy.  It will take your breath away! Go as high as 25′ in the air while doing flips or whatever you want the two bungy cords guide you safely back to the inflatable trampoline landing position each time you come down.  Then jump up and fly again and try something new!! Overwhelming fun for all ages. -Lone Star Amusements
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