2012 Thump Queen candidate Amanda Bell is proud of Luling’s ‘deep-seeded’ traditions, heritage


Amanda Bell is proud of Luling's history and traditions

Clubs/Organizations you are a member of:

As a student at Luling High School, I am a member of various clubs and all of the activities within. I am currently an active member of the Artist Society. We have been working on creating a mural at Eagle Field and recently hosted a student art exhibit. I am also Vice President of the Junior Class. I helped celebrate Homecoming by decorating floats for the parade. As part of my Vice Presidency, I am also on the Prom Committee. I am the President of the Green Thumb Club. This year we sold handmade Christmas ornaments and floral arrangements for fundraisers. We recently dedicated our time to beautifying the Luling High School by planting new plants near the entrance. I am a previous member of the discontinued Upstarts Program. During which, I was given the opportunity to help my fellow community members by participating in the Blue Santa Program.

Extracurricular activities you are involved in:

Besides the clubs, I am also a Student Athletic Trainer. As a Student Athletic Trainer, it is my duty to prevent and/or aid any injuries that may occur during sports activities. I work very hard to keep the athletes hydrated as well. It is my responsibility to be available at all, or the vast majority, of the games. This year, I worked at all of the football games, most of the boys’ basketball games, all of the baseball games, and wherever else I am needed.

What are your plans after completing High School?

After I graduate high school, I plan to go to college to become a registered nurse. When I was eleven, I stayed three days in the hospital after an extensive knee surgery. The hospitality that I experienced during my stay made the stressful experience easier. This was all due to the wonderful nursing staff that initially sparked my interest in this field. Furthermore, I have always been interested in the medical field because I like to help people heal and it is a good way to give back to my community. Being a Student Athletic Trainer has further inspired me to join the medical field.

Why is the Watermelon Thump such an integral part of Luling’s heritage?

The Watermelon Thump is such an integral part of Luling’s heritage because it is a celebration to honor all of the watermelon growers in the Luling area. The idea of a celebration was started in 1954 by Hermon Allen. At the time, the market for watermelons brought in a lot of money for Luling’s economy, along with the oil fields, of course. Allen suggested that the community should celebrate the watermelon growers while promoting the market. Thus, the Watermelon Thump was born. With the birth of the Watermelon Thump came new traditions to be practiced. Seed spitting contests, Champion Watermelon awards, and other festivities came together to create a friendly atmosphere that all can enjoy. A celebration that began as a tribute to watermelon growers eventually became a symbol that people from miles around can associate with Luling, Texas.

Why do you want to run for Thump Queen?

Running for Watermelon Thump Queen is an interest I have had since I moved to Luling my eighth grade year. Before then, I had already had a taste of life in Luling and wonders of the Watermelon Thump. After I moved to Luling, I was greeted with small town life and became interested in the history rooted within. Every year I kept my eyes out for those Watermelon Thump candidate posters and just always knew I wanted to be part of this “deep-seeded” tradition to celebrate Luling’s heritage. It would be a great honor to be able to represent Luling in parades all over the state.

What qualities do you possess that are inherent in a leadership position such as Watermelon Thump Queen?

I believe that I possess various qualities that would be beneficial to a leadership position like Watermelon Thump Queen. Dedication will be an important quality to have as a Thump Queen because it will take a lot of time and effort over the next year as far as campaigning and my overall representation of my town. I have been dedicated to being a Student Athletic Trainer for a year now, attending countless games and practices throughout the year. I see myself as a team player. I am ready and willing do all work necessary to complete a task or project, assigning jobs to my team mates or just helping when needed. Another quality I possess is reliability. I strive to be early and on time whenever I have agreed to be somewhere or do something. I also believe that being social is a quality that a leader, or Watermelon Thump Queen, should have. It is very important to be personable and to be able to communicate clearly to the public. Throughout my journey in high school, I have developed social skills to the effect that I talk to many people in all grades, including faculty, and acquaintances. I have no problem with greeting people with sincerity. In conclusion, I feel that my dedication, ability to be a team player, reliability, and social skills will be qualities that allow me to be a successful Watermelon Thump Queen.

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