Shopping Locally for Mother’s Day: A Win-Win Situation


by Kelly Allen, the Watermelon Shop owner and Luling Main Street President

As a local business owner, I know it’s sometimes easy to forget about all the wonderful things Luling businesses have to offer. Sure, mega-stores and the Internet make shopping more convenient, but they lack the personal care that makes each local business so unique.

It is local businesses that give the city of Luling so much character. By shopping local, we encourage our community to grow, strengthen and become more active. Here are 5 reasons to start thinking locally this Mother’s Day:

1. Better Experience – Customer service is key; local businesses know it’s what keeps our customers coming back. We know our customers and their needs.

2. Better Products – Local business owners know the ins and outs of our products and strive to keep our customers happy. Offering great products and services is the best way to do so.

3. City Character – Luling is unlike any other city in the world. By choosing to support locally owned businesses, you help maintain our diversity and distinctive flavor.

4. Community Strength – Not only do we work here, we live here. Local business owners invest more than just dollars into their community.

5. Local Boost – Local businesses create jobs and tend to support other local businesses. When you buy locally, more money is kept in the community.

So, when you’re shopping this Mother’s Day, think local! At The Watermelon Shop Florist for example, we take the time to learn about your Mom in order to create something especially perfect for her. By using only the freshest and best quality flowers, we do our very best to make sure Mom enjoys long-lasting blooms. She will fall in love with her special gift and you can feel good for doing your part to help our community.

Try your best to buy locally at least once a month, then a week and who knows, you might be a locavore before you know it!

Kelly Allen, owner of The Watermelon Shop has been a part of the Luling community for 10 years. Ginger Powell was born and raised in Luling. You can contact The Watermelon Shop at 830-494-4300 or visit at 507 E Davis Street, Luling, TX.



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