Local Main Street Manager attends training in Llano

new managers 2013 LlanoLuling Main Street Manager Derek Hall was in Llano January 29 through February 1, to attend Basic Main Street Training.  In attendance at the session were new managers, assistant managers and volunteers from 18 cities.  There are currently 84 designated Main Street programs in Texas, making it one of the largest state programs in the country.

“I met a lot of great people that have been doing this a long time, and everyone I talked to was genuinely excited to impart wisdom and was willing to share their experiences – good and bad,” Hall said.  “It seems we all have successes to brag about and issues that are yet resolved in our hometowns and although each of our communities may have a different makeup, it was interesting that a lot of the challenges that we encounter are the same.  It was extremely refreshing how many positive comments I received from so many people from around the state about our little town.”

Training was conducted by the professional staff of the Texas Main Street Program, which is under the Community Heritage Development Division of the Texas Historical Commission, the state agency for historic preservation.
Content of the training featured the basics of how to implement the 32-year-old “Four Point Approach (TM), which is used by local Main Street communities across the country.  The concentration was on the elements of structuring and maintaining an effective local Main Street program; and the basics of design and historic preservation and how to use it as a viable economic development tool, while developing a marketable image for the downtown effort.
Those new to the program attended two days of basic training prior to being joined by approximately 60 other managers from other designated Main Street communities in Texas.
Hall said that, “Relationships cultivated with the other Main Street Managers, the Texas Main Street staff, and the Architectural staff at the Texas Historical Commission will be invaluable resources going forward as the Luling Main Street Program tries to make our town a place we can proudly call home.”
“Local Main Street Manager attends training in Llano.” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 07 February 2013: Volume 133, No. 46
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