It’s a Main Street Thing, Take 2

Thank goodness for all the rain we’ve been getting!   All the downtown planters we replanted are exploding with color right now.  Or maybe some of the downtown business owners have been sneaking around and dumping some water on them when we aren’t looking…   whichever is perfectly fine.   With the Thump around the corner I guess we should all try to put our best foot forward and spruce up our surroundings to impress the masses that descend upon Luling next week.   While attending management training in LaGrange that was put on by the Texas Main Street folks last week, I was again reminded on multiple occasions that Luling has a lot going for it right now.   I am here to tell you, and hopefully you will believe me when I say;  that the perceptions out there regarding our little town are overwhelmingly positive.  It really just blows my mind…  During training sessions instructors keep calling out our town as a great example of how to do this, and how to do that.  I’m getting calls from other Main Street Managers asking questions how we accomplished this and how we accomplished that.  I know all of this may be hard to believe for us locals who toil here every day, but sometimes I guess we just need to slow down and “smell the roses”.

Speaking of sprucing things up at Thumptime, (another word I just made up) I want to remind everyone about the Façade Grant Program that Luling Main Street just reinstated.  Our group recently set aside some money to help our business owners in the Main Street District fix up their business storefronts.   I hope some of you can take advantage and help us beautify some of the wonderful historical buildings we still have left in this town.  Unfortunately, several of our older buildings have been lost forever, but that is a topic for another day.

Please call or come by the office if you have any questions about our matching grant fund.  HEY! – it’s free money!  You never know – maybe if we can get one renovation done, then maybe another domino will fall, then another, then another, then….

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called doing things!”    –  Herb Kelleher

-Derek Hall, Main Street Manager

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