Clock, Info Center, and Sidewalks…Oh my!

It is an exciting time right now for our little non-profit group.  We have so many things going on right now I can’t hardly keep up with it all.  We have several projects we are working on and I wonder if some of our Board of Directors really knew the full depth of what they were getting into when they signed up with us.  Speaking of which, you will be hearing from some of them from time to time in this column so I guess I’ll stop putting words in their mouth and let them speak for themselves and share their own thoughts.

So hopefully you have heard about some of these things, like the Heritage Circle Clock Project, and the Luling Information Station that City leaders are currently working on.  We feel that these new downtown features, along with our downtown Pocket Park, will all need to be tied together somehow.   So Luling Main Street will be partnering up with the City of Luling and the Luling High School Art Society to help create a comprehensive plan which will see new Crosswalks installed in the downtown area and artwork created on some of the downtown streets and sidewalks.  We feel this will significantly upgrade the pedestrian and customer experience and help tie the whole downtown district together in a way that encourages patrons to want to see all of the different features and visit more downtown shops.  The new crosswalks will help invite patrons across to the next block and provide a safe and colorful way for them to cross the street and improve the overall downtown shopping experience.  This should help encourage tourists and potential customers to stick around awhile when visiting our downtown and help discourage a quick in and out.   These crosswalks will not just be painted lines on the pavement.  The pavement will actually be cut out and colored cement will be poured in its place and stamped to make it look and feel like rustic cobblestone.   We will also be able to preserve the old Stop Bumps that have been in the middle of the streets for decades.   Part of the plan has us possibly adding some downtown sidewalks that tie the future Luling Information Station to some of our other new features along the parking lot side of Davis St.

The other aspect of this comprehensive plan is the downtown street art and sidewalk art that will become part of the downtown landscape.    We are enlisting the LHS Art Society to paint silhouettes of Eagles on some of the sidewalks, with the centerpiece being a huge colorful Eagle silhouette in the middle of the intersection at Laurel and Davis St.  The artwork at that particular intersection will ultimately be framed by four crosswalks tying the whole intersection together at all four corners.   Luke Pruett, who is the art director at LHS and a Varsity football coach has been instrumental in putting ideas together for this project and we are proud to have him on our Board of Directors.  Go Eagles!

So as you can see Luling Main Street is “waist deep in it” and you will soon start to see some of these things play out over the next few months.  As I mentioned in an earlier piece, everything we do is part of a larger process and some of these things just don’t move as fast as you like.  We can’t do all of this alone, but with your support we are committed to keep the hammer down and see these things through to the end to help make Luling a better place…

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called doing things!”    –  Herb Kelleher

-Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

 “It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 29 August 2013: Volume 134, No. 23
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2 Responses to Clock, Info Center, and Sidewalks…Oh my!

  1. Cavanagh, Carrie A. says:

    Exciting, indeed! Great work.

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