Heritage Circle Groundbreaking

Heritage Groundbreaking
On hand for Ground Breaking ceremonies Tuesday, September 24, 2013, were the City electrical crew, at left, which handled the digging duties and, from left, Thomas McNeal, Eddie Moses, Randy Engelke, Derek Hall, John Bell, Daniel Rivas, Chris Powell, James Mace, Bill Sala, Bobby Berger, Martha Velasquez, Mike Hendricks, Tyre Wells, Trey Bailey, James Nickells, Ashley Flores, Shelly Moore, John Wells, and Chris Zarate. Photo by Karen McCrary.

If you have been reading this column that last few weeks you may recall us talking about some of the many projects our group has done over the years.  We have also been talking about some new projects, and hopefully a couple of them will become integral pieces of our landscape for many years to come.  I might go so far as to say that this one might become one of the most photographed landmarks our little town has to offer.  (drum roll please)…

Luling Main Street is spearheading an effort to create “Heritage Circle”.   This will feature a downtown seating area that surrounds a 17 ft. tall, 2-sided pole clock.  The clock face itself is 3 feet in diameter, and will be back-lit at night.   This clock will say “Luling, TX –  Est. 1874” across the top of it and will be the obvious centerpiece of the project.  Preliminary talks have it being located downtown on the southwest corner of Laurel and Davis and the clock will be surrounded by a circle of stone benches and landscaping.   Depending on funding, this project might have to be completed in phases, but   obviously the clock will be the big eye catcher.  However, we really wanted to make it part of a bigger project to recognize several people from Luling that have done exceptional things on the national level and give our community a platform to highlight their accomplishments.  There will be many locals who are unaware of the details regarding some of these accomplishments and many of you will undoubtedly find some of these facts interesting.  But when tourists make their way through our “Heritage Circle” and say “oh yeah, I remember him…  I didn’t know he was from Luling…”  That will be the payoff.     We have many great people who have done many great things here at the local level, and they surely deserve all the recognition we can give them.  But for this project we wanted to instead highlight Luling heritage by showcasing some of our local citizens who have accomplished great things outside of our city borders.   With the increasing amount of out of town visitors we are now seeing, we thought it would be good idea to tie these great accomplishments to the heritage of Luling in a way that would be meaningful to everyone who sees it.

As our group was talking about a possible clock project, I started to notice when I watched TV at night various pole clocks popping up on various TV programs.  The TV production people from programs like Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives for example, always search out the coolest landmarks in the town they are filming in.   And now that I’ve probably seen a couple dozen of them on TV now, it seems these production crews are always flocking to the nearest pole clock when highlighting a town’s popular landmarks and monuments.  So if these TV crews find these clocks to be interesting to their viewers, then I have to suppose it would carry the same impact when we put one in the ground here in Luling.

We are still in the early stages of planning and we are still ironing out a few details but after recently presenting the idea to City Council it seems that everyone is thrilled with the concept.  We have 3 or 4 people we have targeted so far to be recognized in Heritage Circle, and we are certainly open to suggestions and ideas.  I suppose now that the cat is out of the bag, I guess the Luling Main Street group will be on the hook to get this deal done.   So with your help that is exactly what we intend to do.  This will be the most expensive project LMS has ever tackled and hopefully our citizens will be proud of this Luling landmark for many decades to come.

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called doing things!”    –  Herb Kelleher

-Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 8 August 2013: Volume 134, No. 20


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