Fall and Winter Happenings around Luling

Normally I use this column as an opportunity to get back up on my soap box and discuss how our Main Street group plans to affect change around here.  Sometimes I stir the pot a little, but as a rule we generally try to keep the column informational and give you a small peek into our world and what we are up to.   I haven’t seen any angry letters to the editor, or worse yet any rebukes from the editor – so I guess we haven’t stepped on too many toes yet.   But although some of you may find this column enlightening, and may be entertained to some small extent, I’m pretty sure most are just scanning the newspaper for pictures and reading an occasional caption.   That’s what I usually do…  But for those of you who are actually reading these words right now, on behalf of the rest of our Luling Mainstreeters (another word I made up) I want to thank everyone for all the positive comments we have been receiving.    Because if we plan on going anywhere we all need to be rowing in the same direction in the proverbial boat…  so to speak.  So confirmation that our plans and ideas are being well received is very helpful as we navigate all the roadblocks in our path and forge ahead with our views on how to make things better for this community.  We certainly value any input that you may have.

So with all that being said, today’s column is going to be a little different from what you normally see in this column every week.   No “Rah! Rah!” speeches, no interpretations of grand design, no marketing seminars, no chest pounding and tooting of our own horn.  Today folks, we are going to use this column for some good ole’ free advertising for some of the things we have coming up.  An unabashed plug for some of our upcoming events and items of interest.  –  And now I guess I should be locking my office door and bracing for that rebuke from the editor I was mentioning earlier…

–          Saturday Oct. 12th.    Come out to the Annual “Night in Old Luling” Event for some ole’ fashioned family fun!  Plenty of food, games and family oriented entertainment.  Luling Main Street and Luling Little League are this year’s recipients of NIOL funds and proceeds will be split between our Heritage Circle Clock Project and Little League’s project to install protective netting protecting kiddos and spectators from foul balls.  Please come out and support these two projects and hang out with some of your neighbors on Oct. 12th!

–          Thursday October 24th.   Come have lunch at our Monthly Business Luncheon at The Coffee Shop from 11:45AM to 1:00PM.  It’s an opportunity for our local business owners to network and take in a short business webinar.  Nourishment for the body, – but also for the mind.  Our local businesses are what defines the “Luling Experience” for tourists and are in essence the heart and soul of our town.  Business owners;  come arm yourselves for battle as your competitors are luring your customers out of town to spend their $$ elsewhere.

–          Wednesday November 27th.     Lighting of the 2013 Christmas Yule Trail in the downtown area.  If you are interested in adding a sign for your business, you still have time, but not much.  Call us right away so we can get you in the rotation this year.

–          Friday December 13th.     Mainstreet’s annual hot chocolate competition heats up again!  Come downtown and join us for our Annual “Cocoa and Carols” Event.  All the mainstreet businesses stay open late compete to see who makes the best hot chocolate.  Come see Santa, join in the Christmas spirit while visiting our downtown shops and voting for your favorite hot chocolate recipe!  We’ll see, but it’s possible we might have our pole clock installed in “Heritage Circle” by then!

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called doing things!”    –  Herb Kelleher

-Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 8 August 2013: Volume 134, No. 28
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