Heritage Circle – Kiwanis Kiddie Car Ride

All hands on deck!!! I have an EAM (emergency action message) straight from the top! Top of what you ask? I don’t know, but it sounded good. I need everyone’s help to try to find some pictures right away.

Last week in this column I was talking about how the Heritage Circle clock project was moving at light speed and progress is being made in large intervals. We are juggling several aspects of this project right now and as you can guess, they all have to happen in a certain sequence. Our group chose to put Heritage Circle downtown at the corner of Davis and Laurel for several reasons, but one of the more important ones is that we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the story behind the circular cemented area that has been there for decades. It used to be the site of the old kiddie-car ride that was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club back in the 50s, 60s and 70s and I’m pretty sure I rode this thing as a kid when visiting my grandparents back in the day. I heard starting back in the 50s they ran the cars on a wooden track, until it became a maintenance hassle. So the Kiwanis Club decided to pave a cement track so the ride would be easier to execute during Thumptime. After awhile they finally decided to buy the whole ride and stop renting the cars every year.

Everyone seems to remember this ride that was down there all those years, but, no one seems to have a photograph of the thing. I’ve been trying for four months and talked to everyone I can think of, and no one seems to have a picture of it. Someone in this town has a photograph of that ride, stashed away somewhere, and that’s why I need your help! Call anyone you can think of who may possibly have photos of it…then tell them you are on your way over to help them go through them all. Just kidding…I know everyone is busy, but the reason I need a picture of it right away is because we plan to put a “Welcome to Heritage Circle” information panel at the entrance that explains the project. On this panel we would like to tell the story about the Kiwanis car rides that ran there all those years and put a picture of the ride on this info panel.

This photo would become a piece of Luling lore for years to come and be seen by many. Any photo that prominently shows the ride itself would probably work best for telling this story. But if by chance you find a picture of it that more prominently shows you as a kiddo pitching a wall-eyed, snot-nosed, hissy fit in the foreground because your mom and dad have finally had enough after watching you ride it for the last hour and a half, ummm…probably won’t tell the story very well but it sure would be funny! But nonetheless, let us see them. And let us share with the world. Who knows, maybe it will be the one that’s chosen to go in there. If you want them back I promise to get them back to you ASAP. Like I said before, things are moving fast, so we need to go ahead and get started the process of designing and fabricating all of these panels. You can come by the Main Street office in the Oil Museum to drop them off, or I can come to you. I might need to modify Herb’s quote this week to; “We have a strategic plan…it’s call finding the kiddie-car ride pictures!” THANKS IN ADVANCE!

“We have a strategic plan…it’s called doing things!” – Herb Kelleher

-Derek Hall, Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 7 November 2013: Volume 134, No. 33
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