WOW!!   I don’t even know what to say.   It looks like everyone has jumped head first into this Luling-Opoly idea, because all participation opportunities are completely sold out.   We figured it would take a month or so to sell all of the available properties, but we were dead wrong.   It completely sold out in 5 days!!!   Speechless…

We saw the same thing at the recent Tiny Texans Gala which Seton puts on every year, and I watched our community rise to the occasion in a huge way, – giving and giving and giving to make sure their Children’s Care-A-Van program stays strong.   Then low and behold… a lot of those same people were pulling out their checkbooks again just a couple days later to be a part of this project which will help subsidize Luling Main Street’s Façade Grant Program to also keep it strong.   No words… I guess I’ll just revert to my opening sentence…   WOW…!!

I know for a fact that business owners in this town are besieged by charitable requests, and for most of them it cuts deep into their bottom line when giving to so many of the causes that come calling. One thing that I think we all need to realize is that just because someone owns a business, it doesn’t mean that they automatically have their own personal money tree growing somewhere in their backstock areas, storage rooms, warehouses, business offices, or anywhere else on the premises.   I think some of us wrongly assume that just because they are a business owner that they are automatically filthy rich or something.   These people are working hard just to keep their heads above water just like the rest of us and I think we need to be mindful of that. Which really and truthfully, makes what I am seeing happen out there all the more amazing.   So on behalf of Luling Main Street I want to say thank you to those who step up over and over to help us, and so many others in this community. You know who you are!   Luckily a lot of these funds are getting to put to good uses and it is becoming readily apparent to me when you look around that this community is benefitting greatly from all the charitable giving that’s happening here in L-town. And hopefully we will never take all of these wonderful people for granted.   You know… sometimes when you are on a plane next to a uniformed armed services member, you feel an overwhelming desire to thank them for their service and their sacrifice. Lord knows they deserve to know how we feel about them and all that they are doing for us. I think we could/should treat some of our local rock star givers the same way. I know some of them won’t care for the accolades, but everyone wants to be appreciated regardless of what they may say. Think about it… Don’t you?   Don’t we all??

Anyways, now that Phase 1 of the Luling-Opoly project (raise necessary funds) is complete, we are on to Phase 2 which is to collect logos and information from all sponsors/participants so we can showcase your business or organization just how you want it. Another thing we seriously need to start doing is create a preliminary list that keeps track of how many games that you all want to purchase.   We are already approaching 200 games that have been preordered by local businesses and others who want to give them out to clients, customers, vendors, and employees ect.   We really need to try to gauge actual demand for these games so we can make sure and order enough for everyone, and still be able to stock some for the casual customer who wants one. Our buy price will be drastically affected by how many games we end up ordering, but we are thinking that the games will sell in the $25-$30 range for each game, based on early indications. So please see our contact information below to contact us and place your preorders now.   We aren’t to the point where we can start collecting money for game purchases yet, but we need to try to have a good handle on how many games we need to build for all you fine people.

There are several restoration projects in the works and now that things are really starting to pop around here, I foresee several more Façade Grant applications coming across my desk in the near future. It’s been a process to get the program rolling but I was told early on by others in my same position to always stay the course because seeds you plant today will eventually come to harvest tomorrow. So it is exciting to start to see the new investment and re-investment in our community due to people buying up and fixing up some of our older cherished properties around here.  And now that this snowball is rolling downhill, the best thing to do now is just get the heck out of the way and clear away all obstacles so we can make sure it keeps rolling. Positive momentum is hard to get, and now that we finally have it going our way, it is an awesome sight to see everyone stepping up and doing their small part to make sure the “Improve Luling” train keeps on chugging down the track!

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called doing things…” – Herb Kelleher

-Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 28 August 2014: Volume 135, No. 23


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