Community Events Galore!

I know I’ve mentioned this little tidbit before, but our community sure does have a lot of different things going on doesn’t it?   We have as many functions and events as most towns twice our size. Every time you turn over a new calendar page there are a couple more events staring back at you.   It is very rewarding when a group of people can come together to cuss and discuss, and then execute their plans pulling off yet another successful event. And if you are able to do it under less than ideal circumstances… even more so!   It’s fun, but it’s also a lot of work to put on all these activities. I suppose it sure beats sitting on the couch, being cooped up in the A/C all the time doesn’t it?   Wait…   Did I just say that? Good gosh what was I thinking… getting way ahead of myself here. Couches and A/C’s are wonderful! Maybe what I was really trying to say is that maybe we should try to have a more moderated approach to lounging around, and realize that there is some work that needs to be done out there in your community.   I probably need to tread lightly here because if some knucklehead is really going to tell me that I shouldn’t be on my couch watching my Sunday football games or NASCAR races, I’m probably going to quickly tune him out…  But luckily this community has a wonderful group of people who step up over and over, and they’re really what make all these community activities possible.   Their selflessness is the only reason the rest of us can go out and enjoy some of these events I speak of. I just wish we had more of them so these poor folks didn’t have to work so hard all the time. But you’ll always have that small group of wonderful people always stepping up to do MORE than their fair share, regardless of the situation. You see it in the classroom, you see it at ball practice, and you see it at work. You see it wherever people gather for a common purpose and unfortunately that is just the way it is. Some people will always just step up and help carry the load for others… No questions asked.  I guess I’ll stop preaching now and move on to something else. But before I go, can I get an Amen brother?

Talk about doing an event in less than ideal circumstances… The Luling Dry Tri has come and gone, and from what I hear, it is particularly difficult to paddle a boat on land. With all the river dam reconstruction and bank stabilization work going on, they are keeping water levels low upstream above the dam. And that surely didn’t make it easy for competitors in the last leg of the race which is supposed to be 6 miles of paddling. Probably should have called it the Luling Dryer than Normal Tri…   or maybe even the Luling Dry Quad…   Because this year’s event seemingly had a fourth leg which consisted of dragging a canoe/kayak across dry land while jumping in and out of it several times without turning it over on top of your head.   And during this year’s Chamber of Commerce duck race, the ducks seemed to be confused by the new flow patterns and were wandering around in all directions.   After corralling them, we finally coaxed a few of them cross the finish line. Dumb ducks… But nonetheless it all worked out (as most things always do) and our local police and fire departments certainly appreciate all of the support.

And for all you artists out there, we also have the Reflections of Texas Art Show starting this Sunday the 14th and going on until Tuesday the 23rd at the Luling Oil Museum.   Everyone please come out for refreshments at the show’s kickoff reception this Sunday from 2PM-6PM and see all of the new pieces of art on display. You can even bid on certain artworks in the silent auction if you see something that strikes you.  The Oil Museum is working on some exciting new features and eventually wants to open up the second floor of the historic Walker Brothers building for new exhibits and displays. All proceeds from this art show go to help make the Luling Oil Museum something we can all be proud of, so go ahead and hit the record button on your DVR and get off that couch and come support them.

Now if anyone was deeply moved by my wildly inspirational tongue lashing in the 1st paragraph, and no feel spurred into immediate action by its extremely powerful and resounding message regarding volunteerism, then go get plugged in somewhere! That is if you haven’t fallen and hurt yourself laughing at the absurd amount of sarcasm in the last sentence.  But hey!   This really isn’t rocket science folks!   A little selflessness goes a long way when it comes to helping others and improving the greater good.   A greater good that helps, assists, aids, and inspires others to be more, want more, and do more for your community.   To expect more from each other when supporting our kids, schools, teachers, and our community in general.  Because best I can tell, there isn’t a whole lot of reward in sitting back and just hoping that someone else will just do it all, then hope it is done to your liking… Can I get another Amen?? – That concludes this week’s service…

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called getting plugged in and helping your community” – Luling Main Street

-Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 7 August 2014: Volume 135, No. 25
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One Response to Community Events Galore!

  1. Cavanagh, Carrie A. says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying your emails.

    You are the best Main Street Director EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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