There’s Always Something Going on in Luling

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about the amount of events that Luling has and that it seems there is always something going on regardless of what month we are in. It also seems that this community is seeing more and more film production companies coming to film in our town.   There have been several major motion pictures filmed in and around our town over the years, and several production companies have been in town to film for various television series’ or shows recently.   We have also regularly been getting inquiries from producers of music videos about particular locations that may fit their artistic ideas for upcoming projects. I know there was a write up about this in last week’s Newsboy, but just in case you missed it, there is a video production company is coming to town this weekend to film a music video right here in downtown Luling!   The producers need extras, and your help is being urgently requested! The more, the better.   This is one of the more exciting things to happen on Luling’s Main Street in awhile and if they could get a few hundred of you to participate in the video shoot that would be fantastic.

Local country music recording artist Mike Sanford has been working on an album for several months now and the record label will be releasing a single along with a corresponding video to promote release of the album next month. (Yes, I said album… I don’t care if I’m showing my age a little bit, that is what they call them! I don’t care what y’all say…)   This ‘album’ will be called “Hope and Broadway”, and Mike has received much help from heavy hitters in the music industry making this a top notch production backed by some marketing muscle. I’m talking big time help from some big time people…   The album is slated for a release on October 21 and the record label will be marketing this album to all mainstream country markets around the country and to Music Row in Nashville. It will also be promoted to alternative demographics such as Americana and Gospel, and will hopefully see airplay in thousands of radio stations all around the country as well as select overseas markets. The music video will be released and promoted to country music television networks such as CMT, ZUUS, and GAC shortly after production wraps and final editing.   For the video there will actors and scenes filmed around Luling, but there will be a particular scene using downtown Luling as the backdrop, and the video producers are asking for a large group of extras to participate in a scene where a large gathering of people will be walking right down Davis St in downtown. So if you want a chance to appear on national TV, come visit downtown Luling this Sunday from 1PM-4PM to help show off Luling Texas to the whole world. This event/video shoot is free and is open to the entire public, and festivities will be held in the Watermelon Thump Pavilion this Sunday the 28th.   Mike and his band will do a 1 hour set performing a few tracks off of his upcoming album in between all the filming, so if you are a music fan, come on down to the Thump Pavilion to support Mike, be in the video, and help present to the whole world a little taste of this place we call Luling Texas!   If nothing else it will be cool to watch the filming process and see the making of a music video up close and personal.

Remember when I was talking about supporting our local merchants a few weeks back?   I mentioned that it would be better if we were supporting our local business owners, instead of pouring more money into the coffers of some faceless CEO somewhere that you will never know and never meet.   Remember that conversation? I look at this situation in a similar way and see this as another great opportunity to support a local “Luling-ite” and help put Luling on the mainstream country music map.   Wouldn’t you rather see someone from Luling Texas make it to the big show? – Or is that exclusive club only reserved for upstarts from Nashville Tennessee?  C’mon give me a break!!  But he can’t do it without you, and it will take support from all of us to make this music video pop with excitement and help promote downtown Luling Texas to the masses.  Remember, this is a free event so come on out this Sunday to listen to some good music and come be part of something good, wholesome and extremely worthwhile.   Although Mike may have some merchandise and autographed pre-release CD’s for sale, there is no pocket-lining of CEO’s, locals, or otherwise, that is required… just warm bodies and enthusiastic souls!

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called doing things…” – Herb Kelleher

-Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 7 August 2014: Volume 135, No. 27
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