“We have a strategic plan… it’s called pondering what if…”

Looks like Luling was well represented and the crowd for this last weekend’s downtown music video was an enthusiastic one. The video directors were really pleased with the footage they got.   The large amount of extras and community support received from our town folk will certainly help this video convey the story that local songwriter Mike Sanford envisioned when he wrote the lyrics to his single “Can I Get An Amen”. Believe me… I had a good view of the process, and although I had fun, it sure looked like from where I was sitting that you all had a blast as well. I know it’s tough to get through that process if you aren’t prepared for it. There is a lot of “hurry up” for 20 seconds of action, followed by “cut” and 25 minutes of waiting for them to get ready to either repeat the scene, or move on. Kuddos to you all who stuck it out!

Man it sure is tough to tell people NO sometimes isn’t it?   I really hate having to tell our local business owners that we are sold out of Luling-Opoly opportunities for our custom Monopoly game that we are creating.  As you know, we sold out of all the sponsorship opportunities within just a few days. We are still getting multiple inquiries from business owners wanting to know how to get involved and I wish there were more than 46 shots to get in. Except for our Rajun’ Cajun sponsors having first dibs, everyone else had an equal shot to get in, and unfortunately there was only so much to go around. Oh well… Anyways, everyone please remember to get in your preorders so we know how many games to purchase!   We already have over 220 preorders for the actual games and I’m really glad that we started asking in advance, because in the beginning we were figuring that 250 games would probably be enough.   But looks like we were wrong…   It happens to the best of us. Nobody is right all the time… no matter what some may say. I think where we miscalculated was how many businesses that wanted to keep a stash of games on standby to give to clients, vendors, customers, etc. But hey, it’s not too late and there is still a small window of time left to order what you need so we can make sure we order enough.   We certainly appreciate all of the support we’ve received from everyone on this deal and we are still on target to get the games back in time for the holidays.

Speaking of telling people NO…   Charlie Strong is at it again and doesn’t seem to have a problem with it!   He let another Longhorn go last week and hopefully some of these young men will finally get the message that he actually means what he says. Best I can tell… No means NO. It’s funny to watch how kids, players, students, employees etc, etc, are always trying to stretch the boundaries of acceptable behavior. That “NO” may possibly mean “yes”… or at least “maybe”. I’m pretty sure that I was a kid once upon a time, and I still remember plain as day how this little phenomenon works. And now that I’m a little more mature (y’all stop laughing) it’s interesting to watch them always trying to carve out a little extra for themselves while thumbing their nose at normally accepted societal intricacies. Although it is human nature, it doesn’t mean that taking a mile when you’ve only given an inch, is the absolute right thing to do and is your God given right. However, this is normal behavior and has been going on since the beginning of time, and that will never change.    It seems the biggest change is how some of us so called adults that find ourselves in a position of authority and influence, are now handling questionable decision making and the sense of entitlement by some of those we are mentoring.   As a society we’ve become pretty soft in dealing with transgression. Right or wrong… here is a theory:  Teachers, coaches and bosses don’t lose their classrooms, locker rooms and office places due to strict discipline and having rules. They lose them due to uneven applications of consequences for not following them. They lose them due to the mistrust of authority that creeps in when they neglect to administer the meaningful corrections that are needed to maintain order within the very structure they’ve set up. They lose them when they become tolerant of everything, but then stand for nothing. Demanding respect, discipline and structure from students, players and employees is NOT a bad thing. Want proof? Look up in a thesaurus the antonyms (opposite meanings) of those three words and see what you get: Chaos, Disorder, Unrest, Dishonor, Confusion, Disorganization, Disrespect and Negligence. Geez… who needs all that?

You can’t just snap your fingers and easily change some things in this life. But one of the things we can change is how we handle our kiddos, students, players and subordinates from here on out when they get out of line.   I suppose “nuance” is commendable sometimes, but when you consider all the prevalent new age thinking that’s out there today with regard to dealing with knuckleheads, you just have to wonder…   Are our young people more respectful of themselves and others than they used to be? Are they more responsible in how they deal with situations and how they deal with people in positions of authority than they used to be?   From what I see and hear in today’s classrooms, living rooms, and even out on the ball fields, the answer is readily apparent to me.  And for those of you who are growing tired of my preaching… I’ve decided to give you all a much needed reprieve from it all. For one week…   You’re Welcome.

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called pondering what if…” –   A dreamer with a little common sense

-Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 7 August 2014: Volume 135, No. 28
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