Luling-Opoly comes to Life

Last week was another one of those weeks that something just came over me, and by the time my fingers slowed down from the blistering pace they were setting, I looked around and noticed I was perched high above up on my soapbox again.   I looked around and thought… man, how did I get up here again?   But look… I’ve been around long enough to know where I fit in this big ole’ world and I realize my part in it is really pretty small. I know my place, and I know that I am not the end all, be all, when it comes to the social issues that we are all faced with. You know what they say about opinions, “that they are like……..” well, you catch my drift. But Luling is a pretty neat place and has a lot of great people in it.   And when I see things going on that could possibly portray our community in a negative light, or see things unfolding around us that adversely affect our ability to get positive things done around here, sometimes someone just needs to step up and stand for something like Charlie Strong does, and say NO… in my opinion.   But I also understand that if a person shares his opinion, – that everyone who hears that opinion has the right to share their opinion about the opinion they just heard. If that makes any sense to any of you… haha.   So, that’s my opinion on the subject of opinions.   But if any of us are to be so bold as to be opinionated in the public arena, we should probably also be humble enough to understand that someone may have a different view.   Enuff said (another word I made up)… Moving right along…

We finally finished up most of the legwork that we needed to do on the Luling-Opoly project.   We submitted all the data, pictures, logos, slogans, company histories, company contact info, and other relevant material needed to showcase the local entities participating in this Luling-Opoly project. It was a painstaking process but as they say…   “if it was easy… everyone would do it”.   This community has stepped up big on this deal and we Mainstreeters are forever grateful for all the support we receive from everyone in this town.   You all made this deal possible and I think everyone is in agreement that this is a cool project that has given us an avenue to highlight our community’s identity in a real and lasting way. Many years down the road these games will be like mini time capsules back to 2014. They will surely be fun to play right away, but I envision that it will be entertaining to see who has come and gone when you break these things out of the closet many years later. Hopefully none of you participants will ever be gone… but sometimes reality slaps you in the face to remind you who is really in charge…  We will be answering design questions from the designer for the next couple weeks but we are still on target to get the games manufactured and delivered to us in time for Thanksgiving.   The games will be sold for $28 each, so please contact us at the number below if you want to preorder some for your family, friends, customers or clients.   You all will be first in line to receive them when they finally arrive.

And on to another subject…  About this time last year our LMS group was scrambling around trying to help put on the Annual Night in Old Luling fall event along with the Luling Little League, and we were recipients of the funds paid out by NIOL to that year’s local non-profit partner.   It was a great time and we made a lot of money to go towards our Heritage Circle Clock Project which was finally completed and unveiled last December. Last year we were running around promoting NIOL like crazy (because we knew we would get more money if more of you came out and supported us)…   Hey, this isn’t rocket science folks…   But nonetheless, we would really like to go ahead and encourage everyone to come out again this year to support this year’s recipient, the Luling Ministerial Alliance. I’m sure they could desperately use everyone’s support this year as they need funds to try and renovate our local food bank and Compassion Center.   There are a lot of people in our community who have real needs… Probably more than we all realize, so if you can, everyone please come out and support this cause. The weather is getting nice out there, so come be a part of this year’s version of Night in Old Luling, this Saturday the 11th from 5PM – 9:30PM.   I’m sure there will be more fun and games, – and more food than any of us deserve…

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called doing things…” – Herb Kelleher

– Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 9 October 2014: Volume 135, No. 29


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