5th Annual Rajun’ Cajun Throwdown

Eps-v2-06.08.2011Sorry folks…it’s ALL RAJUN’ CAJUN, ALL THE TIME around here…so guess what we are going to talk about today…I should be excited that NASCAR has officially kicked off its season with the running of the “Great American Race”. And I should also be enjoying the fact that the kids have started spring sports and have already started playing baseball games and running in track meets. But I can’t stop thinking about T-shirt designs, crawfish caterers, banner designs, stage and sound companies and event layouts long enough to enjoy golf, softball, and all of the other springtime activities that the kids are involved in.

When you are waking up at 2:45 in the morning and thinking about getting the koozies ordered, and changing the hat design yet again…you know you got it pretty bad. Needless to say we are knee deep in final preparations to make this year’s Rajun’ Cajun Throwdown the best ever, and things are falling right into place.

Now that we’re getting pretty close, this is the time we should be stressing and panicking about everything still on the to-do list, right? In all honesty, I don’t see fear or anxiousness in the eyes of anyone on the committee at this lat juncture. Maybe I’m wrong, but everyone seems to be right in their comfort zone and leisurely just going about their business. We’ve seen areas for improvement and we have made plans to tidy up those areas. I am extremely happy where we are as of today and excited where we are going to end up. Because I know that this group is really engaged in the process of making the Rajun’ Cajun Throwdown something that Luling can be proud of. That’s the way I see it anyway. And I’ve got a pretty good view.

There will be a little something for everyone on the Saturday, March 14th. Dancing, live music, cooking competitions, crawfish to devour, (plus all kinds of other type foods as well), kids games, bouncy houses and face painting for the young-uns. Of course we’ll have a Beverage Garden stocked with all your favorite refreshments, and did I say competition??

I know this event is mainly a cooking competition for prizes and for bragging rights. And the competition for that will be fierce. But some of the biggest competition will be happening on the wiggle racers throughout the day. There will be heat races all day long out in the middle of the street, but that is nothing compared to the Mud Bug 500 Main Event that puts 3-man relay teams against each other in the ultimate test of speed and handling on a figure-eight style racetrack. The Main Event will be a knock down drag out free for all, and I’m sure the hecklers will be out in full force. Isn’t that what friends are for?

Nonetheless, I would like to invite everyone to visit our Rajun’ Cajun Throwdown Facebook page, and we hope you will come check out all the downtown festivities on Saturday, March 14th. Because if you don’t, we won’t be able to do any beautification projects this year. I’m just kidding folks! I promise there are more projects in the chutes. But hey, if a little guilt trippin’ works…so be it! It’s all for a good cause, right?

“We have a strategic plan… it’s called doing things…” Herb Kelleher

-Derek Hall, Luling Main Street Manager

“It’s a Main Street Thing…” The Luling Newsboy & Signal [Luling, TX] 5 March 2015: Volume 135, No. 50
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