Magnolia St Mural Project

Luling Main Street Unveils the Magnolia Mural Project

The three dimensional mixed media mural designed by Josh Farrell to commemorate the
history of Luling and welcome visitors was unveiled August 10th, 2011, in front of a
crowd of excited Luling area residents and downtown stakeholders.

Luling, TX, August 10, 2011 – The Luling Main Street began planning for a public project to commemorate the founding and history of Luling through itʼs early agricultural roots, the coming of the railroad and the discovery of oil in 2009. Main Street raised funds by holding a cook off event, The Rajun Cajun Cook Off, in March 2010. The event was a huge success for a first year event. Over $10,000 was raised through entry fees, contests, food tastings, and a hilarious auction where a very special rubber chicken was re-auctioned several times to become the highlight and big money item. Main Street was able to pay for the mural project and have seed money to turn the event into an annual affair. 100% of the fund raised by this annual event will be used within the Main Street district to support the revitalization efforts of the Main Street mission. Future uses of Rajun Cajun proceeds will go towards projects such as facade grant funds for improving the appearance of downtown Luling, and other publicly visible improvements.

Lulingʼs Main Street received National Recognition in 2010 and has maintained their
Main Street status during a time when other small towns have lost theirs.

Luling Main Street was founded in 2003 by collaboration between different city entities
and a non profit board. The Program was created to establish a partnership between
business, property owners, residents, governement (city, county and state), and
community action groups dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Luling, TX. The
City of Luling and the Economic Development Corporation of Luling fund the paid
position that deals with the day to day details of operating the Main Street Program. The
Luling Main Street Board is a 501-C3 non profit organization dedicated to the fund
raising and grant granting arm of the Main Street Program. The mission of the Luling
Main Street is to protect and maintain the historic architecture while revitalizing the use
and development of downtown Luling.

Mural Plaque

photoLuling, TX, April 15, 2014 – Luling Main Street commissioned the Mural a couple years ago, but recently designed and created the informational plaque to tell the story about how the Mural Project started, and to highlight  each of the important aspects that Luling is known for.  It tells the story of Luling’s origins which can be traced back to the railroad terminus that was completed here in 1874, as well as the story about how Luling became a preferred shipping hub for Black Diamond watermelons due to the ideal soil types of the area and due to easy access to the railroad.  It also mentions Luling’s rich oil history and the resulting boom times when oil was discovered by Edgar B. Davis just a few miles northwest of town back in 1922.

Pictured above at the dedication, from left, Josh Farrell, Lem Allen, Erin Etheridge, Shelly Moore, and Rebecca Bohac. 

One Response to Magnolia St Mural Project

  1. valeria says:

    i miss Luling and these people are right it is amazing and historical, the briskett is great, anyone looking for a nice place to eat and walk around just visit Luling

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