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Luling Main Street

Established 1874


We are a non-profit organization that strives to revitalize the Luling Main Street District through various means. To reach our goals of enhancing downtown vibrancy and historic preservation, we have implemented guidelines set forth by the National Main Street Center’s Four Point Approach, a national revitalization movement currently in place in more than 2,000 communities across the country. These four points include:

* Organization: Builds partnerships among the various groups that have a stake in downtown; builds a pathway to leadership in local efforts by launching community-based, volunteer-driven nonprofit entities that empower residents and investors to collaborate for sustainable revitalization

* Design: Focuses on the physical elements of downtown such as storefronts, signs, landscaping, and public spaces; targets infrastructure and building improvements that lay the groundwork for a physical transformation that will be both functional and attractive

* Promotion: Envisions and projects a positive image of downtown to a variety of audiences; focuses on authentic community assets, with high-quality image development campaigns and events that will attract new shoppers, visitors, and residents

* Economic Vitality: Identifies new market opportunities for the downtown area; redefines the district’s niche in the marketplace and sharpens the competitiveness of existing businesses, while nurturing new enterprises that respond to today’s consumers’ needs

Vision Statement:

While Luling, TX has evolved into an inviting destination for residents and tourists over the years due to its famous barbeque and renowned attractions and events, Luling Main Street hopes to build on that reputation by utilizing the various resources we have available to enhance the prospects for current local businesses as well as future business ventures and investment.

Mission Statement:

We will utilize the Main Street 4 Point Approach guidelines of Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Vitality to help preserve the cultural heritage of Luling, TX by executing events and instituting programs that enhance Luling’s features and amenities, and that also expand economic possibilities for Luling merchants while increasing viability of the Luling Main Street District as a whole.

Core Values:

Luling Main Street will always be an advocate for the protection of historical buildings in the Main Street District and a steward of all things that make Luling unique. Each community has unique architecture or heritage derived from a unique history stemming from distinctive events and circumstances, and a community should always rally around these aspects that make us who we are. The Luling Main Street group will always make protecting Luling’s cultural heritage a core value of our existence.


* 6PM

* 2nd Monday of every month

* 421 E Davis St/Luling Oil Museum

* Luling, TX 78648

Current Luling Main Street Board of Directors:

Derek Hall - Main Street Manager

Lindsey Wallace - President

Walter Nickells - Vice President

Tabitha Fogle - Treasurer

Phyllis Hillhouse - Secretary

Jesse Waddell

Samantha Palacios

Tori Webb